3 Signs You Need Furnace Repair Service In Carmel IN

by | Nov 1, 2022 | HVAC Contractor

While a furnace can just suddenly stop providing heat, there are often warning signs that are simply overlooked by Carmel IN homeowners that are clear signs of current problems within the system.

By recognizing three common signs of pending furnace failure or problems, homeowners can all in furnace repair service in Carmel IN before you are left in the cold. The more signs you notice, the more likely it is that a major repair is required, which may make a replacement rather than a repair the best possible option.

Unusual Noises

A furnace is designed to be very quiet. This includes when it is starting up and when it is cycling off and on. If you hear noises such as rattles, bangs and even grinding or scraping noises when the system is cycling on or when it is cycling off there are often significant problems.

In some cases, it may simply be that the system needs to be cleaned and lubricated. This is the best case scenario, but the service has to be done before damage occurs.

Irregular Heat

When the thermostat is staying on the same setting but sometimes the house is cold and sometimes it is too hot there may be a problem. It may be a thermostat issue, which is a relatively low-cost repair.

However, using a furnace repair service in Carmel IN can determine if the hot and cold spots in house are caused by poor circulation of air, problems with the ducts or a problem with the thermostat.

Rapid or Continual Cycling On and Off

There are many different issues that can cause a furnace to continually cycle on and off. For a Carmel IN homeowner, this can dramatically increase an energy bill while also causing higher than average wear on the HVAC system.

Having it checked by a furnace repair service in the area can identify and correct the problem before additional damage and stress on the system occurs. Visit Legacy Mechanical Heating and Cooling to know more.

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