Deciding Between Continued AC Repair in Loughman, FL and a System Replacement

by | May 17, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When a central air unit starts developing problems frequently, homeowners must decide whether to continue with AC Repair in Loughman FL or have the system replaced. Certain symptoms and issues can indicate that it’s time to think about a replacement. In more northern realms, homeowners expect their central air equipment to last for decades because it isn’t used much of the year. In this part of the country, however, people might use their central air system every single month. January tends to be relatively cool, but temperatures in the mid-80s in December and February are to be expected. By April, daytime temperatures are getting into the 90s, and that is likely to continue into early November.

One possible sign that a central air unit is ready to be replaced is increasing difficulty keeping the house at the temperature set on the thermostat. It’s expected that the equipment will work hard when the exterior temperature is in the high 90s and the thermostat is set somewhere around 76 degrees. If the air conditioning seems to run a lot more than it used to and sometimes doesn’t even maintain the set temperature, calling for AC repair in Loughman FL is a good idea. The unit may need some maintenance or cleaning by a technician from a company such as Charles M. Watts Air Conditioning. However, if it’s many years old, it may no longer be up to the task. In this part of Florida, central air units generally are considered pretty old if they have reached the age of 15 years or more. Visit the website to learn more about this particular company.

Homeowners can continue with equipment repairs and run the system until it breaks down for good if they so choose. Nevertheless, they should be planning ahead for this eventuality so they can schedule installation when it becomes necessary. They also may want to take into consideration the possibility of going a few days without air conditioning during the hottest time of the summer. If the unit fails on a Friday night, for instance, technicians may not be available for installation work until the next business day.

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