Find the Most Efficient Water Heater Service in St Louis

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Nobody wants to take a cold shower, especially during the winter months. Functioning water heaters are an essential part of ensuring you and your family’s comfort all year long and if you need a repair or a replacement, there is no time to waste.

Obviously, if you aren’t getting hot water, then you probably have a water heater issue. But what causes these issues?

Common Water Heater Issues

There are a few things that can cause hot water heater issues. Some of them are more severe than others but no matter what, you should find a water heater service immediately.

  • Sediment Buildup: While you can still get hot water, built-up sediment can make your water dirty and your heating mechanism will also burn the sediment and cause a nasty smell in the house.
  • Water Temperature: Low temperatures or no heat can be a thermostat issue but it is more likely caused by your pilot light or other heating mechanism being burnt out or not working properly. A water heater service in St Louis deals with both gas and electric water heaters.
  • Noises: You might also hear some noises, which could be due to sediment burning or something else but you should always report unfamiliar noises to a professional water heater service.

At Classic Aire Care, you can find water heater experts who also provide a range of other services surrounding home comfort and appliance maintenance.

HVAC and Water Heaters

Both water heaters and heating and cooling equipment require gas and electric work so oftentimes, HVAC and water heater service go hand in hand with each other.

Seek an experienced company with extensive knowledge to service or install all of your home equipment and ensure your comfort through all four seasons. Visit Sitename for more information about water heater service in St Louis.

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