Gas Furnace Installation in Longview WA: A Welcome Combination With Wood Heating Devices

by | Oct 14, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

People who buy a rural home in which the residents have always relied on inconvenient heat sources typically have already planned for furnace installation in Longview WA when they make their offer for purchase. They’ll factor that installation cost in with the total they will spend on buying the house and making any necessary renovations. Although heating with wood is cheaper than other options, relying exclusively on wood heat is not appealing to most homeowners.

Avoiding the Cold

Whether the existing system is a wood stove, wood-fired boiler or wood furnace, having gas Furnace Installation in Longview WA makes sure the home never becomes exceptionally cold due to the fire burning out. Rural homeowners typically must arrange for delivery of liquid propane gas to fuel their gas furnaces. The equipment essentially is the same as a natural gas furnace with some modifications. Both types are installed by technicians with a company such as Chehalis Sheet Metal.

Combining Forms of Heat

The customers may still want to do some heating with wood after the furnace is installed. Nevertheless, they now can keep the thermostat set at a reasonable temperature so the appliance turns on when the wood has burned down to ashes. When they arrive home from work or elsewhere, the home might be 60 degrees, but it won’t be 45 or 50. The average low for January in this region is 16, and interior temperatures can plummet rapidly on bitterly cold days.

This can be a welcome combination to have during times when propane prices spike. A shortage of the fuel in early 2014 drove prices up to alarming levels, leaving many people in dire circumstances as they scrambled to pay for a delivery. Most of the time, however, prices remain relatively consistent. In addition, homeowners have options such as paying for a season’s heat ahead of time, thus locking in a price per gallon.

For a very long time, wood heat was the norm, and people had no choice but to deal with the extra work and hassle. Now, however, all someone has to do is turn on the heat when the temperatures dip below a certain level.

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