Hiring Residential Heating Repair Services in Vega TX

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When someone has a baseboard heater in their home that no longer works properly, they will want to enlist help from Residential Heating Repair Services in Vega TX to have it repaired effectively. Failing to repair a heating system with a malfunction could lead to the possibility of a fire, making it extremely important that a professional look at the unit to avoid this scenario.

If the baseboard heater is working but not emitting enough heat, there are a few steps a homeowner could do to troubleshoot the problem. First, they should take a look at the electrical cord to make sure there are no areas where it had become frayed. If this is discovered, the unit should be unplugged and not used until a specialist is able to assess it for damage.

The settings will need to be checked to see if someone had mistakenly turned down the temperature. If so, this is a quick fix as they can simply turn the setting back to the necessary temperature. If the damper had been closed, the lever can be moved to the open position so airflow would once again be present.

It is important to check the coils inside the unit to see if debris had accumulated on top of them. This would diminish the amount of heat one would feel in the home. To remove, use a vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft bristled brush. Pet fur and dirt could then be eliminated, allowing the air flow to emit through the room as a result. If the fins on the coils are bent, they can be eased back into their original location with the use of a fin comb. This can be found in a home goods store or through a heating specialist.

If someone would like to have Residential Heating Repair Services in Vega TX come to their home to check over a baseboard heater, they will want to hire someone known for their reliability and great rates. Call Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning to make an appointment for an evaluation or to discuss pricing options if needed.

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