Information on Maintaining Your Heating And Air Conditioning in Neenah WI

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Keeping an HVAC system running properly requires careful maintenance tasks that are fairly easy to carry out. Being able to take care of these tasks will help homeowners to prolong the lifespan of their system and ensure it continues to work as it should. With this information, homeowners will discover how they can properly maintain their heating and air conditioning in Neenah WI.

Tips for Carrying Out Maintenance on an HVAC System

There are a few tips homeowners can follow to maintain their heating and air conditioning in Neenah WI. The following will help homeowners to better understand how they can take care of their system.

  • Keeping the filter clean is highly important for any system – If the filter becomes overly dirty, the system will not be able to operate normally and could begin overheating. It is important the filter is changed on a regular basis, typically every thirty days.
  • Keeping the condenser clean is also important – If the outdoor condenser has a lot of dirt and debris, it will not be able to breathe properly and problems could begin to develop. The condenser should always be checked after major storms to ensure no debris is causing a blockage.
  • It is important homeowners immediately report any issues to their repair technician – If strange noises, poor function, or other issues arise, it is imperative homeowners seek immediate repairs so their HVAC system will not become permanently damaged.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

While there are some chores a homeowner can carry out themselves, there are some that are best left to the professionals. Maintenance appointments involve many steps, including checking all the electrical connections and fluids.

The technician will check for any performance issues and wearing and tearing. They will lubricate the moving parts and ensure no damage has been done to the system. These appointments need to be carried out twice a year with one being done in the spring and the other in the fall. This will help to protect the lifespan and function of the HVAC system.

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