How J & S AIR Cleans Air Conditioners

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Texas, homeowners acquire maintenance services for their air conditioners. The services help the owners avoid service disruptions during extreme weather. The services include an assessment of major components and cleaning services between seasons. J & S AIR INC provides a variety of options for cleaning up air conditioning systems and ensure that the units operate properly.

Cleaning the Unit’s Condenser

The power is shut off the power to the unit. Next, the cleaning process is started. However, seasonal cleaning cannot begin until the exterior temperature is above sixty degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that the condenser isn’t at risk of freezing due to cooler temperatures. Once the temperature is appropriate, the technician starts by cleaning the fins or blades that run around the condenser. The blades are more likely to accumulate dirt, dust, and leaves. The technician may use soapy water and a smaller brush to clean the blades carefully.

Cleaning the Evaporator

The technician will start by vacuuming the evaporator to remove accumulation. This exterior component is often difficult to reach. However, in some units, the technician can gain access and clean it with a longer brush. Once the evaporator is cleaned appropriately, the technician follows the correct steps for lubricating the blower adequately. The condenser and evaporator are assessed after the cleaning procedures are completed.

Examining the Fan and Motor

The fan and motor inside the interior unit could accumulate a variety of particles and allergens. If the property owner has pets, the pet hair could accumulate around the fan or motor. This leads to increased temperatures inside the unit. Overall, if it isn’t removed completely, the motor will overheat and stop working. If the fan is coated in pet hair, it won’t rotate properly. This could lead to a complete shut down of the entire system.

In Texas, homeowners hire an HVAC service provider to provide maintenance and repair services. These services include a complete inspection of all major components and seasonal cleaning. The services reduce complications that can lead to a serious issue. Property owners who need maintenance or repair services contact J & S AIR INC or visit for more information today.

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