Reasons to Maintain Optimum Residential Cooling Temperatures in Mt. Vernon

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Heating & Cooling

Energy experts advise households to turn their air conditioning temperature up when leaving for the day. If the residents like the temperature to be 76 degrees Fahrenheit when they are home, for instance, they could turn it up to 82 or 84. An Mt Vernon heating and cooling service can install a programmable thermostat that does this automatically and lowers the temperature again later on.

Three Advantages

Turning the thermostat up has three distinct advantages. Saving energy is environmentally friendly, and it also reduces electricity costs for the household. That savings can be significant in a summer like that of 2023, during which many days of extreme heat have occurred in Missouri and other parts of the country.

A third advantage is putting less wear and tear on the equipment. The air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard when nobody’s there. That can prevent the need for repair service and extend the system’s lifespan. Annual maintenance by a Mt Vernon heating and cooling service also is essential.

A Misconception

Some individuals believe it’s best to leave the thermostat set at one temperature all the time. They might have seen this idea online or read forums in which people debate about the issue.

Understanding how residential central air systems work is important. The equipment expends less energy to cool the home 6 or 8 degrees in late afternoon compared with the amount needed to keep the building cooler all day. High-efficiency systems are even better at this than older models.

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