Things to Consider When Rooms Aren’t Cool or for Problems with an Air Handling Unit in Naples FL

by | May 3, 2019 | Air Conditioners

Now that warmer temperatures are right around the corner, a homeowner’s priority is to maintain a comfortable home temperature. However, if the air conditioner struggles to cool the entire interior, the comfort, as well as the wallet, can be impacted. Here are some things to consider when the air isn’t circulating as it should be:

Leaks in Air Ducts

When there is traditional ductwork rather than an Air Handling Unit in Naples FL, leaks in air ducts can allow cold air to escape before it reaches the area it’s intended to cool. A technician can inspect for any holes or tears in the ducts; if found, immediate repairs should be made to prevent energy bills from skyrocketing.

Remove Obstructions from Vents

Check the areas around the vents in the house. If there is furniture or any type of items blocking them, this can be the reason for uneven cooling. The build-up of dust and debris within the vents can also lead to poor air flow; use a vacuum attachment to clean them regularly.

Check Insulation in the Attic

Those who find that their second floor is significantly hotter than the first may find that the issue is poor attic insulation. Heat travels through the attic and makes it difficult for the air conditioner to keep the area cool. As a homeowner, evaluate the insulation by checking to see if the attic has an R-value or resistance to heat flow sufficient for the home’s structure and region.

Dirty Filter

The air filter is designed to trap contaminants in the air before it gets pulled into the AC system. Over time, this means that the filter will get dirty and clogged. If the filter isn’t replaced on a regular basis, it can drastically reduce the cooling power of the AC.

Depending on the quality of the filter, some manufacturers recommend changing them out more than others. A general rule of thumb is to change them out every 90 days. Those who suffer from allergies may want to consider doing so more frequently.

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