Understanding HVAC

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are a new homeowner, you may have heard the acronym “HVAC” without knowing what it means. Once you understand this important part of homeownership, you will be better able to spot when your home needs HVAC repair in Forest Park. Here is a look at the three components that make up HVAC.


Georgia may be in the south and experience a subtropical climate, but there are still cold winters with the chance of snow. The heating unit of a home could be run by gas or electricity but the goal is the same, to keep your home comfortable when it is cold outside. Regular maintenance checks for your heating system means comfortable winters.


The flow of air into and out of your home is important for your health and safety. If the flow of air exiting your home is too slow, your home can acquire more dust and allergens. Alternately, if little to no air is getting in, the air can become toxic. HVAC repair in Forest Park can keep the air you breath healthy and clean.

Air Conditioning

On the opposite side of the temperature spectrum from the heater you have your air conditioner. This keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot and humid summers in Georgia. One of the most important parts of staying cool in the summer is to have your AC inspected in spring. That way you can get any repairs you need without waiting for your AC to break down mid-June when HVAC repairmen are busy.

Now that you understand what HVAC is, keep an eye out for any problems with these systems. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are all important to keep your house safe and comfortable. If you are worried about any of these systems, contact a local company for HVAC repair in Forest Park. Browse website for more information.

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