What Questions Should You Ask Your Heating Expert Before You Employ Them?

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There are certain questions that you need to ask of your heating expert before you should allow them to go ahead and complete work in your property. By checking their licenses, asking for references and getting full quotes in writing before they begin work, you will be on safer ground when choosing a professional to service or repair your HVAC system.

Which Questions to Begin With?

When your state requires the HVAC engineer and business to be licensed, check online to see if they are licensed and asked to see a physical copy before you allow them to work in your property.
You should check what minimum levels of bonding and insurance they hold so that your home and the people within it are covered against any injuries, or accidental damage that may occur.

References Are Vital

Trusting a recommendation from a friend or colleague, or perhaps, another family member, who has experienced a great HVAC engineer in their property, will give you the confidence you need, before allowing people to work on important and complicated systems within your home or office.

Where you cannot choose a business through recommendation, ask them for references and make sure you follow up on them to check that they worked efficiently and effectively. Did they arrive on time and complete the work to all that customer’s specific satisfaction?

Any estimate you receive must detail the work they are to complete as well as all the costs involved. They will explain how they expect to receive compensation, whether as a lump sum or through staged payments.

You may need to take some advice from another expert to check whether the HVAC engineer has detailed the work or project sufficiently so they can be no areas of disagreement at a later stage.

What other key questions would you ask a heating engineer before they visit your property?

The Must List