When to Call for Expert Emergency AC Repair in Baltimore County, MD

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are one home appliance that most homeowners in Maryland use often during the sizzling summer weather. This geographical region has its share of hot and humid days that can make the air sticky and uncomfortable. Here’s how to determine when to call for expert emergency AC repair in Baltimore County, MD.

Call for Emergency AC Repair If an AC Unit Freezes Up

Air conditioners work with the use of a refrigerant like Freon. If the evaporator coil inside of your AC doesn’t allow or “breathe in” the proper amount of outside air, that coil will tend to freeze up as it will drop the temperature. The unit over cools resulting in the problem. Call promptly for emergency AC repair by a Baltimore County, MD, cooling specialist after turning off the unit. As the unit continues to cool too much, ice begins to form that could cause a full motor breakdown.

Never Run an AC Unit that Smells Hot or Smokes

Air conditioners use electricity to work. Any electrical appliance can be a fire hazard if something goes wrong. One common cause of an air conditioner suddenly emitting a burnt odor and possible visible smoke is a broken or inoperable exhaust fan. Other causes include debris blocking off crucial airflow to the unit, faulty cords, or power surges.

Other Reasons to Get AC Repair Fast

Beware of strange noises, water leaks or decreased cool airflow from your air conditioner. Contact Maryland Heating & Air at visit us website

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