Four Things You Should Check Before You Call for AC Repair Service in Waldorf, MD

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Air Conditioning

Have you ever experienced a moment when you thought your AC unit had stopped working altogether for no reason? Most people have, but before you panic and start wondering about how much certain AC repairs will cost, you should keep in mind that more often than not the problem is much smaller than you think.

Instead of calling and waiting for a professional who may tell you that you could have solved the problem on your own, keep in mind that there are several things you can check yourself before you call for air conditioning repairs.

Is the Power Out?

While uncommon, sometimes homeowners jump to conclusions about their AC units before they realize that the power in out in their homes or on their streets. You should make sure that the power in the rest of your home is working first before you call in for AC repair.

Have You Checked Your Filters?

It’s recommended that you check your filters once a month and replace them every three to six months in order to maintain your system’s function. Otherwise, you can end up with reduced or blocked airflow and sometimes even system damage. Replace your filter, then check your system again. If problems persist, contact a Waldorf AC repair service.

Has the Circuit Been Tripped?

Don’t forget to check your circuit breaker. If the breaker for your AC system has been tripped, you can reset your breaker and your unit should return to normal. If the breaker trips again, it may not be an issue with the AC unit itself that requires AC repair.

Is Your Thermostat Working?

Last but not least, check your thermostat out. It may be running out of batteries or malfunctioning, which may cause your AC unit to work incorrectly. Change out the batteries and then see if your system resumes normal function. If not, you may require AC repair service in Waldorf, MD.

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