Increase Efficiency and Reduce the Need for Furnace Repair in Hereford TX by Installing a New Unit

by | May 9, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

As a furnace ages, the need for repairs continues to climb. Not only is it necessary to call the professionals for Furnace Repair in Hereford TX more often, but the efficiency of the entire unit will also begin to decline. While a homeowner can continue paying for repairs, there is a way to reduce costs and enjoy an extremely efficient system. The solution is to invest in a new furnace.

The standards related to energy efficient ratings for furnaces have increased in the past few years. The Energy Star program requires that gas furnaces are manufactured so they meet a rate of 90 percent AFUE or higher in the southern part of the US, and a rate of 95 percent AFUE in the northern area. There are several factors that make a new furnace more efficient.

Improved Construction

Modern furnaces are built today with more efficient motors and lighter materials. Also, the heat exchangers are able to more easily transfer the heat to the air from the combustion gasses. Also, manufacturers are finding new ways to improve the design of furnaces all the time so they consume less power and work without issue. As a result, the new furnaces are more efficient and require fewer calls for Furnace Repair in Hereford TX.

Variable Speed Fans

Rather than having to run the fan in the furnace on the same level all the time when the heating system is turned on, variable speed fans can drop into a lower mode when necessary. In fact, the majority of new furnaces are designed to run on the lower setting more often, which will result in energy savings for the homeowner. Also, since the fan isn’t running full speed, it reduces the wear and tear and the need for frequent furnace repairs.

New furnaces are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are also designed in a way to run so that they don’t break down as often. If a homeowner is tired of paying for repair after repair, they should consider having a new system installed. To learn more, take some time to visit the  website.

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