Options for Heating Service in Binghamton, NY

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The type of heating preferences and systems found in residential and commercial buildings often dictate where to get Heating Service in Binghamton NY. Most companies specialize in one or two forms of heating sources, like electric heat and natural gas, or fuel oil and gas. That limits the customer base and has a drastic effect on what products can be sold, installed, and serviced. It can also be frustrating for customers who may wish to switch to an alternative heating source to save money. There are a few companies that have the training, certifications, and capacity to offer several heating services.

Experienced companies that have been in business for decades realize heating needs and preferences vary. Offering a wide selection of Heating Service in Binghamton NY, along with high-quality products, provides the opportunity to serve more customers. High-efficiency gas furnaces, for example, are available with rebates that apply. Those who have considered switching from fuel oil to gas may wish to take advantage of rebates when their heating system requires replacement. Having a company that can provide quality furnaces, install them, and help to maintain them makes switching easier and more cost-effective.

Oil and gas furnaces and boilers, water heater systems that operate using electricity, LP gas, natural gas, tank-less systems, and solar power are available at one place. Radiators, ductless and mini-split systems, heat recovery ventilators, dehumidifying systems as well as exhaust fans, hoods, and ducts are also offered. Those who wish to add a fireplace, or convert an existing one, can also have that completed by certified technicians. Stainless all-fuel chimneys, PVC flue piping, and chimney liners and caps can be added to make a fireplace more efficient, burn cleaner, and require less maintenance overall.

In addition to heating products and services, cooling, plumbing, and custom sheet metal services are also offered to residential and commercial customers. Business and homeowners can visit the website for a complete list of services, featured products, and capacities. Free estimates are available, as is financing. A full one-year warranty applies to all new installations. Emergency services are available twenty-four hours each day to keep buildings and occupants warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

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