Top Signs You Need to Call for Heater Services in Austin, TX

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Heating Contractor

Has your heating system suddenly stopped working well? Do you get some heat but not enough? These are some signs that you need heater services in Austin, TX.

Insufficient Heating Is a Problem
Insufficient heating can defined as heating rooms unevenly or not producing enough hot air. Either way, your heating system isn’t doing its job of keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Why is this happening? For starters, it could be that there’s an airflow issue. The filter might be dirty (an easy fix), or there’s a leak in the ductwork. There might be a mechanical issue. If you change the filter and the issue persists, call an HVAC specialist to investigate the problem and make the appropriate repairs.

The Heater Short Cycles
Short-cycling is defined as the heater turning on and off frequently, never completing a full cycle. When a heating system’s working its best, it should complete 3-8 cycles within an hour. Yes, if it is colder than usual outside, the heating system will run more. However, it should always complete a cycle.

A short-cycling unit will keep your home warm, but it puts additional strain on your heating system and wears it down faster. You should plan to have the system inspected to figure out why it’s short-cycling. It could be that the burners needs cleaning or replacing. There might also be an issue with the thermostat. Usually, the problem that’s causing the short-cycling isn’t as expensive to fix as you might think.

Call for heater services in Austin, TX today to get your heating problems under control.

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